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2. Mary’s Story – Too Much and Never Enough

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    2. Mary’s Story – Too Much and Never Enough

    Mary kept getting debilitating leg pains.  An urgent care center, an orthopedist, and imaging did not identify the problem.

    Over 18 months her magnesium (Mg) levels had been dropping.  No one noticed.  The lab values resided on different EHR platforms.

    Finally, a routine visit to her GI revealed that her Mg values had reached critically dangerous levels. She spent 18 hours in the ER.  The ER bill exceeded $15,000.  The root cause was a change in medication.

    System Problem #2:  Too Much and Never Enough

    The volume of data is growing almost exponentially, across multiple platforms and entities. It’s impossible for patients and providers to aggregate, synthesize and interpret all this data.