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The Opportunity

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    The Opportunity

    HealthPhi: Empower People, Transform Everything

    Millions of people struggle to get all their health data, accurately, in one place. They struggle to understand it and fail to act on it. They miss red flags and end up needing avoidable, often expensive, sometimes painful care, from overworked nurses and doctors. They have no idea how their data is being used nor how valuable it is. The future belongs to people who control their data.

    Businesses use people’s data for their own benefit.  Businesses are missing a golden opportunity to truly partner with their customer in a way that rewards the customer, without manipulation.  Saying to the customer, “we’ll be true partners, share data with us and we will…”

    • protect it
    • develop much more meaningful research, products and services that help you live your healthiest life and
    • will lower health care costs for you, will generate many, many new customers.